Saturday, August 25, 2012

From Domination to Discarded


Name This Marvel Villain??

I'd be surprised if you didn't guess this villain's identity right off. His appearances have been sparse, but Lucifer goes way back. At one point, we even found out how he was involved in a major development of one of Marvel's silver-age characters--Charles Xavier, mentor to the X-Men. I don't know how many stories are floating around out there about how Xavier lost the use of his legs (to say nothing of what the X-Men: First Class film now proposes), but this explanation was the first:

Despite Lucifer's arrogant bearing, when you get down to it he was really only a lackey furthering the plans of others, though he'd probably argue that he was hardly submissive. After he bungled those plans, he was banished into exile, but continued to be a nuisance from his place of imprisonment--even developing some new powers in the process. Ironically, he found that operating through lackeys of his own was the way to go. Unfortunately, his masters reached a point where they'd had it with his constant attempts at redemption, and he's supposedly met his end.

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