Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not Exactly What Dickens Had In Mind

If you're a true comic book geek, you'll have no problem understanding how this:

connects to this:

which made me wake up thinking of this:

Of all the things that I'd like to wake up to, ladies and gentlemen, I can assure you that a song performed by Tiny Tim is not one of them. Be glad that I spared you his rendition of "Great Balls O' Fire." Credit where credit is due, though. Tiny Tim was very successful for what amounted to little more than a novelty act. His performance on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In led to appearances on The Tonight Show, The Ed Sullivan Show, and The Jackie Gleason Show, as well as numerous celebrity specials. And even today, whenever you hear mention of Tiny Tim, it's usually referring to the performer, instead of the character from A Christmas Carol. In the fickle world of show business, his success was nothing short of amazing.

As for the connection I mentioned above, I'll let the Beast himself explain:

Don't you miss the Beast's happy-go-lucky phase?

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Justin said...

Nice bit of cultural/comic trivia.

Though I'm a bit wounded to have been labelled NOT a true comic book geek.