Friday, August 8, 2014

I've Got A Crush On You


Name This Marvel Villain??

This guy is a low-down snake--but he'd probably take that as a compliment. A feared assassin who specializes in fulfilling his contracts unobtrusively, the Constrictor strikes as deadly as his name implies, with adamantium coils that make escape from his grip all but impossible. Perhaps it was only a matter of time before he would cross paths with those in the super-powered community--but, as luck would have it, one of his assignments turns out to be Jim Wilson, one of the few trustworthy friends of the incredible Hulk. Which means this assignment's level of difficulty has just spiked.

But does the Constrictor look worried?

We should probably award the Constrictor points just for standing his ground--not the first thing someone would normally think of doing when seeing the Hulk advancing on them. But, despite the strength of his coils and this killer's obvious skills, his brutish foe's stamina--and rage--are going to prove difficult to overcome. Also consider that the Constrictor's specialty is crushing--an act which the Hulk unquestionably wrote the book on.

After a pitched battle, the Constrictor's confidence has understandably dropped a little. But he can always fall back on being a villain--and as we know, villains aren't above using the innocent to get what they want. In the Constrictor's case, that's boiling down right now to survival:

So now we know what happens when assassins come out of the shadows (though another of our villains also proved that point).

Despite his lack of success here, the Constrictor is assigned a super-powered target to take out. And though his opponent lacks the sheer strength of the Hulk, he's far from being a pushover:

Since we've already gotten to know the adamantium properties of Cap's shield, it can't be a good idea to let it fall into the adamantium coils of the Constrictor. But since the villain's crushing strength comes from a power pack (which has limits), even unbreakable coils aren't going to make much headway if they're gripping something that's also unbreakable:

And while the Constrictor still has some fight left in him, Cap has it all over him in fighting spirit and determination:

Knots to you, Constrictor.

This villain makes the rounds through a few more super-powered opponents before finally reforming and becoming one of the good guys, from what I understand. Of course, we could say the same about the Sandman at one time, so one day we might see the slithering form of the Constrictor coiling his way back into the assassins' guild.


Anonymous said...

Well, he's no A-lister, but the Constrictor did manage to give the Hulk something to do with his ample free time, at least for a few minutes.
I imagine him and Boomerang sitting at The Bar With No Name, the secret supervillain hangout, knockin' 'em back and swapping war stories.
I imagine going up against the Hulk and not dying gives you some respectability.
The Shocker, on the other hand, if confronted by ol' Greenskin, he would have just turned around and ran in the opposite direction, or bought a bus ticket outta town.

Iain said...

Best Constrictor appearance I recall was in a few issues of Power Man & Iron Fist where he was teamed up with Sabertooth to do a job they of course ran into problems and had to retreat but the loyalty of constrictor to save the cornered Sabertooth really impressed me.

Comicsfan said...

I'll have to check that out, Iain, much obliged.

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