Saturday, August 30, 2014

Can't Touch This


Name This Marvel Villain??

To understand the nature of the power belonging to Unus, the Untouchable, imagine Sue Richards (well, as a male) with her force field as her only power. Being called "the Untouchable," you can imagine how a villain would make use of such power. Instead, Unus's power made him a hit on the wrestling circuit, though that's not to say he didn't have ambitions beyond the ring:

And so Unus took on the X-Men, who were at first daunted by his power:

Eventually, they defeated him by constructing a weapon that rendered him unable to drop his force field, which made it impossible for him to take in sustenance. That brought Unus to the bargaining table--and, agreeing to renounce his life of crime, the X-Men in exchange restored his power to normal and released him. It was short-sighted of them, to be sure. Later, Unus would meet an unusual opponent in the ring, which would lead to an equally unusual partnership:

Without their knowledge, the villain Lucifer sicked the pair on the X-Men, though they were driven off. Yet a friendship formed between them, and they would go on to partner together in various criminal pursuits, even forming an evil mutants group of their own. And when they faced the Hulk while Unus's power was expanding beyond control, that friendship persevered.

The Hulk defeated both Unus and the Blob, but Unus would find a silver lining in the Hulk's attack:

Unus never really made much of a name for himself in the Marvel Universe. Magneto would conscript him for his own Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in battling the Defenders; but for the most part, Unus would be limited to small-change criminal endeavors or finding himself a part of broader schemes involving others such as Factor Three, the Sentinels, or the Genoshan Magistrates.

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The Unique, Uncanny, Uncontrollable villain men call...
ah, forget it. I give up already.

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