Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Conned By A Conglomerate


Name This Marvel Villain??

Sandy Vincent definitely falls into the "misguided" category of super-powered menaces, but that didn't make her any less dangerous--or deadly. She was deep in the pockets of big business (in this case, Roxxon Oil), carrying out corrupt missions in the super-powered form of Stratosfire, under the pretense of world aid:

It wasn't until the murder of a close friend, whose suspicions of Sandy's employers had been broached to Tony Stark, that Stratosfire turned on her employers. She began using her powers on a self-proclaimed mission to cure the world's ills--but in a psychotic and destructive manner. For this would-be savior, the ends justified the means.

And this brought Stratosfire into conflict with Iron Man, who was having difficulty at first treating her like an enemy:

Though when he did mix it up with her, he found her microwave-based powers formidable. And deadly:

Fortunately, Stratosfire's activities and methods came to the attention of Arthur Dearborn, who had battled Iron Man before with the same sort of powers, as Sunturion:

Sunturion provided a welcome assist to Iron Man, by exploiting a fatal flaw in Stratosfire--triggering a fail-safe built into her metabolism by her former employers, and causing her to explode.  Unfortunately, Sunturion found his molecular structure altered as a result, effectively removing his own powers.

As for Roxxon, no doubt there was a lot of back-slapping back at corporate headquarters, having a dangerous rogue element taken out of the picture for them.  Roxxon certainly deserves a post of its own someday.  I have no doubt I'll need a bath afterward.

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Ha "Costa Gavras" (the name of a Greek-French film director)

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