Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Finding Namor

If and when the Sub-Mariner makes it to the big screen, the producers and casting personnel have their work cut out for them. The #1 hurdle to be cleared, of course, is Namor himself, who must be absolutely nailed in all respects in order to make such a film work; then will come the screenplay, which must somehow make the Sub-Mariner sell when that was a tall order even for his own comics series. But the prospect of a Sub-Mariner film remains intriguing.

In the meantime--well, until names of actors being considered for the part start being leaked, we'll have to be content with the many cosplayers who have taken up the challenge to portray one of Marvel's most enduring characters. (Heck, you try attaching a pair of wings to your ankles!)  Here are some of those who have risen from the depths to pave the way for Namor's red carpet moment.

5 out of 5 fish scales to you all!

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