Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Child Services


Name This Marvel Villain??

Good intentions aside, the methods of Nanny, creation and former operative of the anti-mutant organization known as the Right, bear some scrutiny. Nanny seeks out mutant children and conscripts them into her "salvation army," saving them from being used by not only those who would persecute and bring harm to mutants, but even people such as X-Factor who would claim to be their friends. But Nanny also lumps one other group of people into those from whom she seeks to safeguard these children--people who, despite the obvious connection and bond they signify, are nevertheless handled with extreme prejudice.

The murderer who *ahem* executes Nanny's instructions is Peter, the first child that Nanny "saved" and who has become known rather literally as the Orphan Maker. Peter, like the other children, is kept in a state of hibernation by Nanny, which is suspended if and when he is needed. Peter may at times have doubts as to his assignments, but he has unswerving loyalty to Nanny--who, as a mutant herself, turned on the Right but paid the price.

It was during the events of Inferno that Nanny made her boldest attempt yet to abduct one of her special children--but her kidnapping of this child, Franklin Richards, brought her into conflict with Reed and Sue Richards (as well as two others who would later join with them in a new Avengers lineup), and both Nanny and the Orphan Maker were driven away. Nanny's plans afterward were also foiled, when she sought to lay claim to the children that Mr. Sinister had kidnapped and kept housed at his "orphanage," children that X-Factor recovered after Inferno and sought to reunite with their parents. This time, the many children that Nanny had already managed to acquire were also freed from their slumbers.

Nanny and the Orphan Maker went on to have dealings with the X-Men and Generation X, though it was one particular X-Man who would come close to ending the Orphan Maker's activities once and for all. Not before, however, Peter abducts the mutant girl known as Trance and, per standard procedure, seeks to make her an orphan.

With Trance's help, Wolverine is set free--and though Peter's armor, designed by Nanny, has stood the test against many powerful opponents, Wolverine is another matter entirely.

There's no telling where Nanny's insane mission will end; and the situation is all the more tragic for Peter, whose childhood has been spent either in slumber or suited in armor and sent on missions to assassinate the parents of children he abducts for his Nanny.

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