Thursday, July 23, 2015

Peter Parker: Dumped!

In this comparison between the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #79 and its reprint in the pages of Marvel Tales, you don't exactly have to have 20/20 vision to realize what the chief difference is between the two covers.

It would appear that, in the 4½ years since this story featuring the Prowler was first published, Peter Parker can no longer be depended on to sell a Spider-Man story, even with clear indications that Spider-Man will be found in its pages. Or, put another way: It was once a given that comic book readers would buy a Spider-Man book, however its cover was conceptualized; but in 1974, it looks like things had to be made a little more clear as far as the book's hero grabbing you directly from the cover.

Otherwise, the choices made on the MT cover don't really ruffle any feathers. Sizing has been adjusted to accommodate the addition of the Marvel banner and the extra wording of Spider-Man's billing. The window image of the Prowler and Jonah Jameson has been reduced--while Spider-Man is larger, presumably to draw more of the reader's attention. The broken glass has also been removed from most of the top of the window frame (with the Prowler's cape extended to fill the space), perhaps to prevent the glass shards from blending with the lettering of the masthead.

Color revisions have also been made in several areas, most noticeably in the clothing of both Jameson and the Prowler. (Good lord, even Jameson's cigar couldn't escape a new hue!) And it appears that the larger figure of Spidey necessitated the removal of some of the cityscape.

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