Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ain't She Selling?

And then there were those really strange house ads for the first Spider-Woman title.


david_b said...

Sooorry to say, but she never registered with me, at least She-Hulk morphed into a enjoyable character, and Ms. Marvel certainly had her ups and downs as we just read.

Personally, I could never wrap my head around Monica as Captain Marvel, but I was too hung up on the original Mar-Vell I suppose, so that was totally on my tastes.

Anonymous said...

There was kind of a creepy element to Spider-wpman, at least at first. Originally, her origin was that she was one of the High Evolutionary's experiments in "evolved" animals, and it was strongly hinted that she was a genetically evolved...uh...spider.
Naturally she didn't take that news well. Most of us have some unsavory characters in our ancestral woodpile, but that would ruin Christmas.
I think they changed her origin fairly quickly, but tried to keep a little spookiness around her character, having her deal with the likes of Werewolf by Night and the Shroud, and characters from the weirder side of the MU.

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