Tuesday, June 9, 2015

All In A Day's Dimensional Surveillance

If you're Stephen Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, and you're not currently in another dimension preventing a malevolent entity from crossing into our own dimension and wreaking widespread chaos and destruction, you likely start your day much the same as everyone else, at least in certain respects. In Strange's case, let's say that day begins with a morning repast prepared by his faithful manservant, Wong--perhaps some oatmeal or French toast with a side of grapefruit and OJ, along with some Turkish coffee and a copy of the "Daily Bugle" (though I suspect Strange has a tablet at hand to peruse a variety of online news sources). Afterward, he shaves and dresses, and then apprises himself of the day's appointments as well as any business or personal affairs that need tending to.

And then, like the rest of us, he goes to work.

But, unlike those of you who work from home, Strange's office is remarkably sparse--and just a tad more interactive.

Strange's love and former disciple, Clea, is off in the Dark Dimension leading a revolt against Umar, so the magician puts that in his "pending" file for now. But at this point in time he's become aware of the so-called Dweller in Darkness, and, like the rest of us at the office, Strange knows when he needs to prioritize.

Thanks to Wong, Strange also gets a healthy workout during the day. Though Strange quickly finds that the man who brings him tea isn't about to cut him any slack on the mat.

As in most working environments, you have someone on staff who is irreplaceable.  It's probably safe to say that Wong qualifies.

(Though I do think that the sparring matches between these two should have occasionally taken the form of the clashes between another famous master/servant pairing.)

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