Thursday, June 4, 2015

3BR, 2B... Solar Wave Fixer-Upper, Price Reduced

As traps go, this one conceived by Dr. Doom to deal with the Fantastic Four was one of the more visually impressive to grab your attention from an issue's cover:

Doom springs this trap on the FF after the team has dealt with Doom's henchmen and are finally able to bring the fight to Doom himself. But Doom has prepared well, and he literally has the FF where he wants them.

And as you've already likely guessed, a "solar wave" is made to order for another case of

Like yourselves, I'm not really comfortable with the idea of a solar wave phenomenon that's randomly hitting areas of our planet every 24 hours--so I can imagine how the inhabitants of Marvel's Earth feel about it. They already have Galactus and other deadly menaces threatening their survival--now they have to deal with a deadly event that hits every day, anywhere. And if you're standing near ionized dust particles, you can practically count on being sucked into space. People are probably using dustbusters around their homes every hour.

As for the FF's predicament--thanks to Sue, the FF have decided that if they're going to be killed, they're going to make sure that Doom shares the same fate:

It doesn't seem like Doom has thought this situation through, does it? In other words, he's in no real danger on the other side of the FF's cell, trapped against its wall or not, since the ionic dust isn't present in his room. Then again, if the cell wall dissolves, Doom is indeed going to be caught in the FF's wake, thanks to being contained by Sue's field. Besides, the solar wave is only attracted to a location by the presence of ionic dust; that doesn't mean its effect is simply going to cease if there is no dust beyond a certain point. So we certainly can't blame Doom for not wanting to chance it.

At any rate, Doom has made his call--let's see how things go for him.

Whoops! As Reed mentions, the FF had better hope that the solar wave only acts on the area where ionic dust has settled--otherwise, whether they crawl into the next room or not, it's curtains!

Fortunately, the FF's luck holds. As for Doom, he's likely wondering if his armor's oxygen and power supply will do the same.

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Colin Jones said...

Surely all the oxygen would be sucked out of the room as it dissolved ? Those solar waves can't be random as Dr. Doom knew exactly when and where one would be passing so I wonder how far ahead you can predict them ? After all, he bought a warehouse knowing it was in the path of one and I imagine it takes some time to buy a warehouse :)

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