Monday, February 2, 2015

Make Way for--Kid America!

Good grief--first Hank Pym is turned into an old man, and now this??

Fortunately for Cap, there's no villainy at work here. It looks like Cap is trying to find a way to blend in while investigating the disappearance of several teenagers:

(Good lord, look at all of those dangling CRT monitors!)

Cap finally decides against options such as shrinking gas and illusionists, and settles on someone who could actually physically change his form temporarily. And his data files give him a lead to someone whom, at this point in time, he hasn't yet crossed paths with:

Someone with super-powers who invokes Pee Wee Herman. Already I'm intrigued with this woman.

Never say never, Sersi. At any rate, Cap's mission can proceed, though there is the matter of, ahem, payment for services rendered. Good heavens, is this sentinel of liberty blushing?

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