Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's The New Me! ... Scratch That, It's The Old Me!

OR: "My New Style's A Bust!"

If you were a reader of Amazing Spider-Man during 1968-70 and you happened to blink (and who wouldn't?), you might have missed a startling change in the appearance of one Mary Jane Watson:

Or, to put it another way:  When did Mary Jane's hot mom make the scene??

The experiment with Mary Jane's new hairstyle only lasted for another issue, where we see the vivacious Ms. Watson catch Harry Osborn coming out of his father's club:

Let's hope Harry (and the readers) gave more than a passing glance to "Mother" Watson here, because after making an appearance in the Spectacular Spider-Man magazine, the character goes on hiatus from the book for a year and a half (our time) before reappearing. And when she returns, it's as good 'ol MJ once again:

Though speaking of Harry, he went through his own experiment in hair during this period, though taking it just a little lower:

Harry is still sporting his 'stache a couple of issues later, since it seems his S.O. has become a fan of it:

But six issues later, we're led to believe otherwise, as the "Fu Manchu" look is history:

(And so might be the rest of Harry's face pretty soon, if he's in the habit of gripping his razor with a closed fist while shaving.)


Kid said...

Looking at these panels reminds me of what a great visual storyteller John Romita is. Clear, simple, at a glance layouts, you almost don't need the speech balloons to follow what's happening. Wish more modern comics were like this.

Comicsfan said...

Kid, I agree, Romita's style and talent rank right up there. It's a pleasure to view his work in whatever capacity he steps aboard.

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