Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The High-Maintenance Fury of--Veronica Vogue!

Iron Man has faced the Titanium Man, Hercules, Dr. Spectrum, Ultimo, and other deadly challenges--but it's doubtful even the golden Avenger would want to take on the likes of Veronica Vogue.

On the other hand, maybe Tony Stark should think about giving Iron Man his walking papers and making Pepper Potts his bodyguard, considering how smoothly she dealt with the formidable Miss Vogue. And having a bit of fun with it, at that:

Still, Tony Stark knows women even better than he knows electronic components, and so Pepper is due to find disappointment in her little end run:

Forty-three years later, though, Miss Vogue is still going strong. In the late 2007 series, Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin, which gives a new look to this period in Iron Man's career and Tony Stark's life, we take a peek behind closed doors where we find Veronica doing her own end run--this time around the stalwart Miss Potts, who hasn't yet traded shadow punches with her. And where Veronica was somewhat more continental in 1964, in this updated version she makes her living as a supermodel. Obviously Tony hasn't yet relegated her to the "boring" category:

Later, however--when Stark (as Iron Man) has been injured in a battle with the Mandarin--Pepper must run interference when a certain blonde comes calling. One who doesn't like to be put off:

As we can see, Pepper and Veronica have taken each other's measure, while the shrapnel has been surprisingly kept to a minimum.  Let's hope Miss Vogue takes the hint and decides that Tony Stark isn't worth the bother--because if Tony ever unleashes Mrs. Arbogast on this woman, all of Stark Industries won't be able to put Veronica Vogue back together again.

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