Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Transitional Tabulation of Titillating Treatises!

With this blog just having passed its two-year birthday--and man, has this been a blast!--I was curious to see which posts all of you were finding the most interesting. Given the variables involved, that kind of list is never going to be an accurate indication of what's being read the most, particularly since more recent posts haven't had the advantage of drawing readership over time; but the results were still interesting to see, because they were totally unexpected. It's not only a fascinating mixture of material, but also subjects I wouldn't have necessarily predicted as being so in demand. Once again, you've surprised me--and that's how it should be.

On to it, then. Here's a countdown of the top 10 most-read posts here at the PPC--as compiled by ISAAC, the super-computer of Titan. (Not really.)

The All-New, Intergalactic Black Panther
A review of Black Panther #2, as Jack Kirby begins this new series in 1977.

A Boy And His Droog
A profile of the villain known as the Gremlin! And leave it to this child prodigy to have his own bio-engineered pet--that speaks in rhymes while it's trying to kill you.

The Death-Trap of Mr. Freeze!
Spider-Man vs. the Sandman in a knock-down drag-out! Will the Sandman succeed in putting Spidey on ice?

Trapped In Outer Space!
The Avengers fall into the trap of the leader of Zodiac! Are they fated to spend their days in a warehouse in orbit? With no butler??

Keystone Kops, Killer Clowns, and--Rocket Raccoon!
The first comic book appearance of a future Guardian of the Galaxy--and teaming up with the Hulk, no less!

Avoid Lurching Trick-Or-Treaters
A Halloween one-shot--featuring the Marvel Zombies, who just can't seem to leave the dinner table. Will Katherine Pryde and her young son survive in a world of the dead?

Meet The Fists of--Captain Spider!
A review of What If? #7, where Peter Parker must watch three other people take on the identity of Spider-Man!

Demon In A Bottle!
Reviews Amazing Spider-Man #96, which set aside the approval of the Comics Code Authority to do a special issue on the dangers of drug abuse.

The Frankenstein Surfer!
It's the Silver Surfer vs. the ancestor of Victor Frankenstein, and the monstrous creation spawned from the power cosmic!

And the #1 most-read post:
The Doomsday Machine!
In the 300th issue of Invincible Iron Man, Ultimo returns to wreak havoc--and an army of Iron Men races to stop him! Will Tony Stark's brand new suit of armor be able to topple this colossus once and for all?

I'm glad to see you've all been enjoying yourselves--believe me, the pleasure's been all mine! My humble thanks again to Marvel Comics and its pool of creative talent for all the fantastic stories of years gone by, and the good memories and fun they still provide to readers all over the world--and, of course, thanks to you. Onward!


Murray said...

Well, a hearty congratulations on your 2nd Birthday! That's a lot of impressive work, sir.

Onwards and upwards!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of us who owe you thanks, C.F.! A cool place to stop by, for a confirmed Marvel Maniac!
I was wondering, how you got out of Doc Doom's dungeon...I'm still there, and the food is terrible!
Seriously, thanks and congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, it's a pleasure reading your blog.

Comicsfan said...

Mirko, Murray, and M.P., a humble "thanks very much" to you. M.P., all I can tell you about my escape is, what Doom doesn't know won't hurt me!

Anonymous said...

On November 16th it will be 40 years exactly since I discovered Marvel comics and it was only Marvel that I read (apparently DC comics were available in the UK but I never saw any) so I appreciate that this blog covers Marvel only as my eyes glaze over whenever DC is mentioned. Happy 2nd anniversary CF, I didn't start reading till about October 2013 so I missed the first year but I'll be checking out some of those links mentioned, especially the Kitty Pryde one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks CF! Keep 'em comin'.


Anonymous said...

My eyes just glaze over........

Great job CFan.......or should I say FAAAANNNNNNN!!!!

The Prowler (wrapped up like a deuce you know I runner in the night.....).

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for a great blog that brings back so many great Marvel memories that has become a must read for me every day.


Comicsfan said...

Jeez, Colin, forty years! Why aren't you blogging with the rest of us? :)

Tom, Prowler, and Gaz, thanks for the nice words--all of you make the long hours worth it! (Alright, maybe not such long hours. Just little food or sleep, and I probably haven't mowed my lawn in... in... um....)