Thursday, July 10, 2014

What Lives Within The Cocoon?

While we're on the subject of the new Wasp, another such transformation of the character must surely be included in the what-were-they-thinking category--and it's a fair bet you know the one I'm talking about. Let's go back to that *cough* wonderful storyline at the tail end of the first volume of The Avengers called "The Crossing," where Anthony Stark had inexplicably betrayed the team and began trying to kill them. At one point in the battle, Janet Van Dyne (not yet changed to the Wasp, even in the midst of a life-or-death battle--no, I can't explain that, either) rushes to stop Stark (as Iron Man) from blasting Hercules, only to find herself in the line of fire:

Stark then escapes the Avengers' retribution by taking a powder through time, and his situation would now segue to Avengers: Timeslide and Iron Man before finally concluding as part of the Crossing. As for the Wasp, Hank Pym treats her using the same machinery that originally changed her biology to allow her to adapt to her new powers:

And the results of Pym's new adjustments to increase the Wasp's chances of survival would make any mad scientist proud:

Hank then keeps a vigil over the cocoon, monitoring the Wasp's vitals. But the danger from those making "the crossing" is not over, particularly when one of their own has escaped and sought sanctuary with the Avengers. To make sure she is slain, an enemy team arrives in a surprise attack--but only a single member, the diminutive and calculating Neut, is needed to lay waste to the entire team of Avengers, including the one they would protect:

But as Neut closes in for the kill, he gets a *ahem* little surprise of his own, as the Wasp's cocoon finally unravels to reveal... well...

In the aftermath, the now full-sized Wasp seems to take her transformation in stride, in the same good spirits as those who are pleased at her recovery:

The Wasp, in this form, would plunge with the other Avengers into battling Onslaught, and the reset button for her condition would be hit upon her return.

Clothes horse Janet Van Dyne takes us through a tour of her costume closet!

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The horror...the horror.
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