Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Prezzzzenting--The New Wasp!

When considering expanding on the character of Henry Pym, perhaps it's wise to follow the medical principle of "nonmaleficence," a derivative of one of the statements of the Hippocratic oath which swears the intent to do no harm. In essence, the concept means: "Given an existing problem, it may be better not to do something, or even to do nothing, than to risk causing more harm than good." Or, as Beverly Crusher might put it, "Never make the patient any worse."

In the case of Pym, I grant you that that ship has long since sailed. Yet, for all the reinventions of Henry Pym we've witnessed, both physical and mental, two of them come across as arguably the most confounding of all. One of them came into effect after the death of Janet Van Dyne in the Secret Invasion series:

I'm no fan of Tony Stark and the high horse he seems welded to--but when he steps in to usurp leadership of the Avengers from Pym, I can't say he's that far off-base in his reaction to Pym's new title:

And the second change in Pym's status? Why, no less than Eternity visits him to confer on him an extraordinary distinction:

And while Loki later claimed it was a deception:

...everyone seemed to agree that it was just a bluff on Loki's part to sow dissent among the Avengers who had captured him.

It looks like Pym later abandoned his "Wasp" identity to form the Avengers Academy, though I'm not sure how you contact an entity like Eternity with the news that you don't want to be Scientist Supreme anymore. Besides, think of how something like that is going to look on your business cards.


Murray said...

I loved this "Scientist Supreme" chapter of Avengers history. Years upon years of compounded hack writing turned a character with a few insecurities and uncertainties into a drooling caricature of shattered neuroses. This run of Mighty Avengers did much to bring back a decent hero and founding Avenger.

The most telling exchange for me in that series was when Karnak of the Inhumans chats with Pym. With his power to find flaws and weakness, he says he finds Pym surprisingly whole and solid compared to years past.

Did Eternity actually tap Hank to be "Scientist Supreme"? That seems over the top, but cool. Do I believe the God of Mischief, the Trickster and Father of Lies when he claims he did it? Gosh, let me (especially when the particular issue is drawn so badly)

In hindsight, I sure wish this Mighty Avengers had continued as the main Avengers title and ditched all the others.

david_b said...

Eh, more and more I tend to be a hugest fan of Pym around the late Silver, early Bronze Age, specifically around Avengers issues 60-80, and his later brief stint in the Defenders against the Sons of the Serpents.

Everything since..? Ehhh, could do without it.

Anonymous said...

I think what may have hurt the most about losing the title of Scientist Supreme, not to be confused with A.I.M.'s Supreme Scientist, was having to forfeit the reserved parking spot at Costco and no longer being allowed in the Express Line with 15 or more grocery items.

I've mentioned before that I'm watching The Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes cartoon. In the story line, Hank Pym quits the Avengers. There's an episode where a Skrull is impersonating Pym and Jan decks him. Just knocks him on his @$$. And she smiles and says: That felt good.

The Prowler (two more punches on his Marble Slab Creamery card and then it's free ice cream baby).

Comicsfan said...

Gosh, if I still ate ice cream, Prowler, I'd probably be spending a lot of time at the Marble Slab. That place is awesome.

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