Tuesday, May 13, 2014

From One Wizard To Another

In a prior post that gave a nod to the passing of the great Dick Ayers, there was a link provided to a nice article on the man by the Washington Post. If you decided to read that article, you would have found a cool treat waiting for you at the end--a link to a video interview with Ayers, which is just delightful and provides nice background to his getting started in the business, as well as his vivid description of the real "Marvel Bullpen." Give it a view when time permits!

Now, speaking of backgrounds:

Here's a brain teaser for you:
Can you tell what comics cover is being used as the background for Dick's interview?

It was actually an issue that Dick didn't have a hand in:

And since I've been dropping links all over the place--judging by the Wizard's expression, he seems to be strongly urging you to read this issue's review.

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