Friday, July 5, 2013

You Should See Me When I'm Altering Reality

All right, I know that Steve Rogers and the rest of the Avengers were having a pretty bad day when the police forced them to cease their activities (due to a deception orchestrated by the Enchantress). But even so, he's probably being a little harsh with Wanda here:

But you know, he may be onto something. Because I feel like asking that same question whenever I see the following scene, where Wanda is on the ropes because of...

Wait for it...


Jeez, Wanda, could you be any more distraught? Don't your hexes work on ants??

By the way, that crack you made about accepting defeat gracefully? Yeah, not so much here.

Which brings us back to the Enchantress. It seems that writer Roy Thomas thought it was reasonable to have Wanda occasionally face off against this Asgardian sorceress as if she had a chance of winning. Yet, aside from that little spat the two once had over the Vision, Wanda's battles with the Enchantress have been a little one-sided. They typically ended like this:

Or this:

...or this:

I think Thomas is being generous with that last statement. If the Enchantress had summoned all her power for that strike, there would be a smoldering crater where Wanda had been standing.  I'd like to see how cocky she'd be against Ant-Man.

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