Monday, July 1, 2013

To Know You Is To Kill You


Name This Marvel Villain??

Our featured villain is more of a villain in progress, since he doesn't have world-conquering (or much of anything else) on his mind and he's not out to stake a claim in the criminal underworld. An unfortunate victim of experiments conducted by the Red Skull, Piecemeal was left a blank slate and must satisfy his thirst for knowledge and identity by using his ability to drain his victims of their emotions and memories, while also being able to mimic their appearance. But it's hard to be sympathetic to Piecemeal's situation when he goes around with an attitude like this:

Taking refuge in Loch Ness, Piecemeal encountered the Hulk when a former member of the Pantheon, Perseus, contacted Bruce Banner (as the Hulk) to look into monster sightings. But the Hulk was caught off-guard by Piecemeal, who not only was powerful in his own right, but could confound the Hulk with images and thoughts from his past:

Piecemeal, at the time, was under the influence of a madman called--well, Madman, who cared as little for the deaths of innocents as Piecemeal, and who would be responsible for the death of Perseus. Once that happened, the Hulk was out for revenge, pure and simple. And Piecemeal would find himself at the wrong end of the Hulk's wrath:

And this is the Hulk with Banner's mind who skewers Piecemeal like a fish and tosses him into the Loch Ness lake without a tinge of remorse. Banner never finds Piecemeal's body, which is no great loss to the villain hall of fame since Madman was really the more interesting villain of the story. But if you're vacationing in Loch Ness sometime and you see a strange tail moving around in the water, I'd still make tracks for land if I were you.

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Anonymous said...

I've actually been to Loch Ness, believe or not (long story) and while I didn't see any monsters, supervillian or otherwise, I did see a guy in a kilt. That was weird enough for me. M.P.