Thursday, June 27, 2013

Final Destination

If you've seen any of the books or movies of the early 1950s, you know that people interacted with each other a little differently in those days. And in some of the comics stories of Marvel's "father" company in the industry, Atlas Comics, where average people instead of costumed heroes took center stage to deal with monsters and weird happenings and the like, we get priceless glimpses of what passed for normal behavior in those so-called "simpler times." For instance, look how easy it is for sleazeballs like Mac Farrand to pick up women:

As you can see, Mac is one of those jerks who doesn't take "no" for an answer. Even when the lady threatens to call a cop, Mac feels entitled to just stake his claim:

Mac's not literally in the driver's seat, but he certainly feels like it, doesn't he? He doesn't really care about the lady's prior appointment with a blind date, since he's breezed right in to take the guy's place. Yet you may have guessed that this lady is more than she appears to be. And since we're probably all in agreement that Mac's arrogance and presumption scream for a comeuppance, it's only appropriate that his story ends with him doing the screaming:

Now we have a good idea why Thanos is so taken with Death--she does have a certain talent for sadism that's hard to resist. I don't think there will be many women who will shed a tear for one less guy like Mac prowling the streets, do you? Though I hope you ladies now understand why men seldom have anything good to say about women drivers.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine the argument with Thanos when she came home late.

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