Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Help Comes With A Price Tag


Name This Marvel Villain??

Let's face it--there aren't many men who can tell off the Green Goblin and come away from the meeting still breathing. Especially a man without any super-powers whatsoever:

If the Crime-Master had any special abilities at all, they would probably be ambition and boldness. Moving swiftly, the Crime-Master made it clear to the underworld--by threats and intimidation--that he intended to take over the city's rackets, and anyone who thought about stopping him had best think twice. After a fierce but brief confrontation with one of the gangs, his reputation spread among the others--and it wasn't long before the rest of the gang leaders of New York decided to throw in with him.

Unfortunately, the Goblin is about to knock him off his new perch. By capturing Spider-Man and showing up with him at the big meeting where all the gangs are about to throw in with Crime-Master, the Goblin quickly rallies everyone back under his own leadership, in a story titled--I kid you not--

(They had to have some primo drugs circulating in the Marvel offices for that puppy to have gotten the green light.)

But then, all hell breaks loose--the police show up, and Spider-Man busts loose. The entire meeting becomes a free-for-all, with too much chaos for either the Goblin or Crime-Master to re-establish control.

But not too much chaos to find this telling series of panels that inadvertently call into question whether or not Spider-Man has sincerely embraced his "with great power comes great responsibility" credo:

Taking time to web a camera into place and set its auto-shutter so that you can make some money, before moving to help people being injured by gang thugs with guns? Uncle Ben must be rolling in his grave.

Anyway, things work out pretty well in the end. Crime-Master is killed by the police and unmasked; the Goblin vows to strike another day; and Spider-Man, well, has to sew himself a new costume, but takes time out to escort his Aunt May to a movie.

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