Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Behold... The Blockbuster

Since the first Avengers film made kajillions of dollars, I realize that the creative team responsible for the movie hardly needs advice from a schlub like me on what development would hit the second film out of the park, and have its fan base screaming in approval.  And probably at a decibel level that would shatter the solar panels on the international space station.

That development, of course, being the addition of a new Avenger to the ranks.

And isn't the choice for that new member obvious?

Come on. It has to be:

The Vision

I wouldn't even ask for credit for the idea.

Maybe a small walk-on part.


Anonymous said...

I've always liked the Vision ever since I saw him duke it out with Wonder Man in Avengers #...oh, damn it all to hell, I don't remember the issue number, I've gotta get an apartment big enough to hold my comics! I've been like Moses in the desert, getting teased by God.
Okay, deep breaths. I don't think the Vision would work in a movie because the idea of a robot (or synthezoid, whatever) who had the ability to turn intangible is a bit much for moviegoers. Think about Prometheus; that robot had a sense of vanity and nobody knew why. I'm afraid ol' Vizh is gonna have to sit the next few plays out.

Comicsfan said...

I think moviegoers could handle the Vision about as well as they handle the Hulk, or Asgardians, or Darth Vader, or any other concepts these films are throwing at us--though I'm not so sure how well the movie could handle him beyond the short term. For one thing, he'd already be joining a very powerful assemblage in its own right--so unless the Avengers are battling invasions in every movie, the Vision would probably tip the scale in close-quarter fighting. Writers in the comic also had to be very mindful of keeping this character on a leash in terms of his powers being too formidable, and I would hate to see the Vision be thus dialed back in the films.

And hey, no need to go digging through your collection--you can revisit that Vision/Wonder Man fight from Avengers #158 right here! :)

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wish I could go digging through my collection, but I'd have to cross state lines and burn up some gas to do it. Anyway, thanks for the link, there, I enjoyed it. I stand by my guns, however. I think the movies could produce a "Vision", but, only time can tell what their version is going to look like.
At the very least, it'll give us something to argue about!! Nuff said, and thanks.

Doc Savage said...

I would enjoy the vision eapecially if it meant Ultron was the villain.

But when you say "the fan base," you must realize the producers need to appeal to millions of filmgoers, not the 100,000 who buy comic books. Comics fans are a drop in the bucket.

Comicsfan said...

If the net take of The Avengers is any indication, I'd say the producers already seem to be doing a pretty good job of appealing to film audiences across the board. :D They seem to have struck the right balance with everybody. If they get the Vision "right," they can probably count on their good fortune continuing.