Friday, January 25, 2013

What's Yours Is Mine


Name This Marvel Villain??

If our mystery villain here remains a mystery to you, that's just the way this villain would like it. How better to spring his plans than on those who remain unaware of him until it's too late? Such is the modus operandi of the Plunderer--a/k/a Parnival Plunder, younger brother of Kevin Plunder, the savage Ka-Zar. Parnival established a base of operations for himself in the Savage Land, a prehistoric domain discovered by his father and where Kevin lived as Ka-Zar. During this time, he developed the metal "vibranium" into a weapon in the form of a vibro-gun--and thereafter lived up to his name by plundering secrets and technology from any number of sources.

And of course while plundering in costume, he was bound to cross paths with Marvel's heroes, among which were:


the Sub-Mariner:

the Fantastic Four:

and of course his savage brother.

The Plunderer, despite his record of being taken into custody, is a resourceful and ruthless villain--so at times it can take a few issues to get the better of him. But you can count on him to live to scheme another day.

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