Thursday, January 31, 2013

And He Stole The Vision's Cape, Too


Name This Marvel Villain??

There are a few villains who can do what this guy does, in one way or another, but I ask you: who looks more villain-ish doing it? Like the Masked Marauder, the Corruptor is more of a behind-the-scenes villain who makes well-laid plans and ends up crossing paths with major heroes. His powers have changed from time to time, depending on what writer is handling him. The one thing that stays a constant is his sheer enjoyment of being devious.

In one appearance, he was inadvertently the catalyst for bringing together a new super group, the Rangers, though he really had designs on the Avengers. But the Rangers had their hands full with someone else the Corruptor had, er, corrupted--a certain man-monster who, like the Rangers, also hung around the southwest:

The Rangers didn't make much headway against the Hulk--but the Corruptor was caught off-guard when his pawn unexpectedly changed back to Bruce Banner, which enabled the Rangers to finally capture the villain. Once he was defeated, he was taken out of mothballs a few more times in other titles, but I'm afraid this was another Marvel villain who had major-league ambitions but who nevertheless wound up in the minors.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Never seen him! He's very much a ... well, a witch. Am I wrong?

Comicsfan said...

The Corruptor's "evil touch" is more a super-power than any sort of spell, which places his victim under his influence. The panels above mention an adjustment of the victim's biochemistry, which I think a "witch" would just side-step. :)

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