Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Not The Life Force He Had In Mind

Remember when I said that Fantastic Four Annual #5 was crammed with fresh material and guest-stars? One last pin-up from the annual which I'll share with you here might give you the impression they threw everything into this book but the kitchen sink:

If you didn't know better, you'd almost think these guys were forming their own team. (Which raises the question of what they'd call themselves. Maybe "The Leftovers"?)

I think a "gallery" section might have suited these characters better, where each got their own page instead of being crowded in with each other here (though it's probably a safe guess that the annual simply didn't have any pages left to allocate for them). As it is, I'd probably arrange them a little differently--putting Galactus in the background and replacing him in the foreground with some of the others who are having trouble finding face time. And Doom could take up a fully standing position next to Lockjaw, which would more balance the center behind Wyatt and Alicia (with the Panther in front).

Where the heck is Namor, by the way?

And talk about an accident just waiting to happen:  wouldn't you pay good money to see Lockjaw relieve himself on Galactus' leg?

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