Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Can't Have One Without The Other


Name This Marvel Villain??

If anyone would be outraged that you couldn't guess her identity on sight, it would be Princess Zanda, whose delusions of grandeur are comparable to the size of her entourage--or, as we know them, her mercenary army. Affiliated with a ruthless group of collectors, Zanda, originally from the country of Narobia, became involved with the Black Panther while he was accompanying another collector (Abner Little) on a quest for King Solomon's Frog--one of a pair of brass devices which had the power to transcend time.

Unceremoniously dubbed "the Paris Hilton of Africa" by Storm during a catfight between the two in a department store, Zanda, along with the other Collectors, takes her mission to acquire the items she seeks very seriously, and will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. Needless to say, wherever she goes, all hell usually breaks loose:

One of artist Jack Kirby's endless creations, Princess Zanda is one of my guilty pleasures. Going undercover to escape her enemies, just look at where she ends up:

Hanging on to both her outfit and her attitude. I absolutely adore this woman.

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dbutler16 said...

Kirby sure had a thing for large, crazy headgear!