Friday, September 26, 2014

The Deadly Premiere of... well... The Birdnapper!


Name This Marvel Villain??

I'd frankly be surprised if you took a shot at guessing our mystery villain's name, considering he hasn't chosen one yet. Meet Mortimer Freebish, who's just starting out and intends to become the greatest super-villain EVER. But Mortimer is unfortunately fated to take the trial and error approach to villainy, with emphasis on the "error" part. His first error is in taking on the Falcon, goading his intended victim into a trap by... well, let's just say that Mortimer's first attempt at building his rep isn't going to score him any points in the dignity department.

(You know, he has a point about Hawkeye.)

When midnight arrives, the Falcon is nowhere to be seen--or, as we'll come to find out, noticed. But when Mortimer lines up a shot at Redwing, the Falcon springs his own trap:

Once the Falcon frees Redwing, the battle is on! (Do we really have to call this a battle?) It's clear that Mortimer has come prepared with some creative and even deadly arrow designs, but his target practice sessions have obviously left something to be desired. And the Falcon has all the time he needs to gain the advantage:

At least Mortimer knows one of the first rules of villainy: always have a trick up your sleeve. Though it also helps if you don't leave yourself vulnerable to it:

Mortimer of course is mistaken by thinking that it's the Falcon he spots on the park bench--after all, Falc has no reason to resume his disguise, since he's been on the winning end of this fight. And to underscore that, he takes full advantage of Mortimer's blunder:

Again, Mortimer can forget about his dignity here. At least he wasn't conscious for Falc's little joke at his expense.

To perhaps no one's surprise, a Google search of Mortimer's comics appearances results in just this one story. Though on a positive note, he can at least find satisfaction in a Google search actually bringing up hits on him. Mortimer may indeed be on his way, after all.

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