Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mom Would Be So Proud

Just before Uncanny X-Men #200 hit the racks, a new manifestation of the Phoenix force made its debut in the form of Rachel Summers, daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey from an alternate future. And this is the look that artist John Romita Jr. came up with for her:

While later, in Excalibur, Alan Davis pitched that look in favor of a new design for Rachel:

Yet did either of these artists get it right?
Or was this "mainstream" Phoenix exactly what the Marvel doctor ordered?

Cast your up or down vote in a no doubt thoughtful comment.


Anonymous said...

Arrgh. Again with Pheonix. It was a dumb idea to start with but trust Marvel Comics to run it into the ground. Who cares? Did it ever occur to anybody there to maybe come up with something original?? Hire somebody from England or Scotland if ya gotta, but stop with the endless retreads.

Big Murr said...

Five and a half years late to the poll, but why not?!

Comic book writers are such hypocrites on occasion. In this case, I've heard many a griping and eye-rolling how it's impossible to keep up good stories for a character like Superman because he's so overpowered. Where's the challenge?

BUT THEN, keep sticking Phoenix into the mix. Or, the "Deus Ex Machina Force". Talk about overpowered and, in the case of Rachel Summers, really annoying. Each time I re-read those original "Excalibur" stories, I have less patience and tolerance for the character.

This was not, however, the question you asked. As much a fan of Alan Davis as I am, I think JR Jr has the better design. (But I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out Claremont had a chunk of input in that disco bondage costume)

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