Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Villains Just Wanna Have Fun


Name This Marvel Villain??

I think this may tell you all you need to know about this guy:


We're not really talking about a villain here, so much as a menace--one who's totally off the hook. Worse yet, one of his abilities is to make his victim a menace as well, and not really care. Madcap got his powers in much the same way Daredevil got his--but with the involvement of Advanced Idea Mechanics, a criminal organization which seems to let its experiments get away from it more often than not.

As to his other abilities, he's got a healing factor that Wolverine would envy:

And he also carries what he calls his "fun-gun," a weapon which cost him about a buck and a half, and which really doesn't do anything. Yet it tends to fool heroes who go up against Madcap into thinking that it's the gun that's the source of his power. But Madcap--being, well, mad--just uses it as a harmless prop through which he channels his psionic power. The power to make people lose their inhibitions:

I almost feel sorry for the guy--his warped view on life was the result of a tragedy that simply made him snap. He was first encountered and caught by the new Nomad on his first solo case; but he's come into contact with other heroes since then, mostly in minor titles where he probably caused more problems than he should have.

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