Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Lord of Mood Swings

I don't think that anyone would argue that Odin, the now-deceased Lord of Asgard, had, shall we say, a short fuse:

Odin, of course, is speaking of his son, Thor, who accused him of callously using the Earth in a recent scheme to create a new race of gods. And he makes a good point--I mean, vowing vengeance on his own son like this, gee, how could anybody accuse Odin of cruelty?

But since we've already covered Odin's cruel er, questionable treatment of Thor, let's focus on his more positive side. For instance, as a just and wise ruler, Odin is always open to dissenting opinions:

He's never remiss on thanking his warriors for their loyal service:

You never have to worry about how he'll handle that "3 a.m. call":

He's always grateful for a helping hand from his friends:

And man, does the guy know how to make an entrance:

Probably the one guy in the universe who never has to bother with a name tag.


Kid said...

You know, CF, I could never work out, if Odin was as all-wise and as all-powerful and as all-knowing as he claimed, why he was such a tit. Now I understand - he was the All-Tit as well. Not something you'd shout about, I suppose.

Comicsfan said...

I get the fact that Odin has to deal from a position of strength, riding herd on unruly Norse gods who know their eventual destruction has already set down according to prophecy; so he probably has to make crystal-clear from time to time that he's the only guy in charge here, and that it's his way or the highway. I'd almost call him a despot--but apparently his brutal, wrathful delivery translates into fierce loyalty from all the gods of Asgard. Maybe they just respect an iron hand, in spite of the ego and the occasional tantrums that come with it.

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