Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Mind To Your Mind


Name This Marvel Villain??

She's actually having more fun here than you might think:

Meet Yandroth. What, you say? It doesn't look like Yandroth? Tsk--details.  This is actually Stephanie Donal, a lab worker in a dead-end job who found herself possessed by Yandroth after he supposedly died. You see, Yandroth, being an alien, apparently doesn't die in the normal Earth fashion--his spirit leaves his body, but doesn't dissipate. So when he died, he happened upon this woman who had identical brain patterns to his, and merged his mind with hers.

Problem was, Stephanie had the stronger will, and Yandroth's mind was suppressed--while leaving Stephanie access to his knowledge of "super-science." She took Yandroth's name (and, unfortunately, his costume), and created brain implants to use against the Defenders in order to take revenge against Dr. Strange for thwarting Yandroth's Omegatron device that was created to destroy the world with his "death." She made pretty good headway with this plan, until Yandroth himself took advantage of her having to control so many minds and attempted to assert his own will again:

In the process, her brain was fried--leaving Yandroth free to wander and menace again someday.

On the bright side, though, Stephanie was treated to some textbook Sal Buscema villain poses:


Jason Atomic said...

Was Yandroth the one who got stuck inside a Bambi lookalike?

Comicsfan said...

Nope, you're probably thinking of another Defenders foe--Chondu the Mystic, one of the Headmen.

Jon H said...

In that panel with the Hulk, she looks like a Silver Age DC character somehow. Like from an old Superboy or Legion of Super Heroes. Not a specific character, just she looks more DC than Marvel.

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