Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Foiled By A Fan


Name This Marvel Villain??

Zoltan Drago was a wax sculptor whose gallery consisted of lifelike figures of the world's heroes and villains. Unfortunately, his museum didn't do much business--so, being slightly mad, he spent his spare time mixing chemicals in the hope that he could bring his statues to life:

I don't know, Zoltan--the real super-villains aren't making much headway in that regard, but what do I know. Anyway, by accident, he ended up inhaling some of those chemicals and as a result found that he'd grown incredibly frightened. After the effect wore off, he turned his new discovery into a weapon--a gun which could fire pellets filled with his new fear gas. And thus was born Mr. Fear.

Recruiting the Ox and the Eel as henchmen (his "Fellowship of Fear"--ugh), he embarked on a criminal career--which brought him into conflict with Daredevil. (The "Man Without Fear"--get the hook here?) Initially, Mr. Fear got the drop on Daredevil and scared him off:

But later, after Fear laid a trap for him, it was Daredevil who ended up turning the tables--as well as turning an exhaust fan on reverse, sending the villain's fear fumes back at Ox and Eel:

The temporary panic of Fear's henchmen was just what Daredevil needed to regain the advantage. A swift kick to send Fear's gun out of reach, and the fight was soon down to Daredevil and the Ox, which ended when the big lug put himself through a door and knocked himself out.

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