Friday, February 22, 2019

Risk Is My Business


Name This Marvel Villain??

As mercenaries go, Nicholas Powell, alias Chance, defies convention and takes a refined and cultivated approach to his livelihood--not hesitating to kill in order to earn his commission, mind you, but just as likely to risk losing that commission if a greater opportunity arises to indulge himself and live his life to the fullest:

"Money. So necessary... so unimportant. The only thing that makes life truly worthwhile is the gamble! The greater the odds, the sweeter the taste! Without risk... life would have no value at all!"

For example, a pressing appointment with a potential client can be combined with a little diversion along the way:

Yet make no mistake that if you are a client, you'll get your money's worth with Chance--though if you happen to be his assignment, you'll simply receive a quick and efficient termination.

And who can argue with a payment policy that's essentially C.O.D.?

In his dealings with Daredevil and Spider-Man, Chance quickly evolved into a character who was played almost for laughs, treating his assignments as escapades--which explains why he's seen little jail time, as he would often withdraw when things started going against him. (Or, as he would put it, "The odds have changed!") As for a moral compass, his lifestyle doesn't really allow for one. The man has his standards, as everyone does, but they're subject to interpretation (along with a little negotiation):

Chances are that Chance is your man. As long as your terms are acceptable--and the job, exhilarating.

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