Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Access: DENIED!

If you wanted to see the Avengers about something, you'd probably feel like they had some accommodation for passers-by or ordinary visitors. After all, the mansion grounds look accommodating, don't they? The gate at the entrance is ornate, but not prohibitive--there's no lock on it, it just swings open. Nor are there warning signs of any sort posted nearby. Once you've stepped through, there's even a nice, landscaped walkway right up to the front entrance. The casual visitor would feel at ease simply ringing the bell and making any inquiries with whoever answered the door. You had to think that, if the Avengers wanted to discourage anyone getting as far as the door, they would have made arrangements to answer any inquiries at the gate.

Instead, we know that their automated security measures are embedded in the front lawn as well as in the doorway; but there's some accommodation in play there, as well, since those measures have to be triggered in some way. City officials, civil servants, emergency responders, reporters, playing kids... none are going to be issued their own Avengers ID that clears their entrance automatically, so the security system would have to be in scanning mode once anyone swings the gate open and walks through. In other words, any deterrents would ideally be activated while the alleged intruder is still making their way to the mansion, rather than allowing them the opportunity to break in.

Unfortunately, none other than Henry Gyrich likely oversaw both the new security measures and their installation--because it seems that for any normal Joe who wanted to speak to the Avengers and he didn't pass muster, the mansion responds with ZERO TOLERANCE.

Further aggression!? This poor guy did exactly as he was instructed and inserted a form of I.D. when prompted; it simply wasn't authorized I.D. (More on that in a moment.) How about the person being subsequently warned that improper I.D. after, say, two attempts will result in the authorities being summoned? Or either Jarvis or the Avenger on monitor duty is alerted and cuts in on audio to get some details from this visitor? Jeez, is the mailman automatically attacked on a daily basis as well?

Instead, not only does Gyrich storm outside and read this guy the riot act, but the Avengers begin to assemble as well, roused from whatever they're doing to respond to what amounts to a false alarm.

The only thing is, our misguided civilian has what he believes is a bona fide issue he needs the Avengers' help with. And while he probably should have thought of inserting his drivers' license first, the I.D. he did supply could have been verified and rejected as insufficient without unleashing the full brunt of Avengers front entrance security. Good grief.

As to our poor civilian's pressing issue:

You tell 'em, Sid! (But don't count on getting up to see the FF--their front entrance security is interactive!)

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