Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Monster From Beneath Us!

I was recently kicking around the idea of taking a look at all the interesting variations of the cover of Fantastic Four #1, but I'm sure that's a thought that's likely occurred to many others who have no doubt put together their own presentations on this piece of classic artwork. So instead, I spent a little fun time enjoying the variety of posts on the 'net that dived into the subject--and, hoo boy, the results were a virtual treasure trove of variations of that famous cover, artists who were fascinated with a 10¢ mag published in late 1961.

But if I had to pick a site to serve as an example, it would have to be the one presented by Chris Tolworthy, whose site "The Zak McKracken Archive" focuses on the computer game "Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders" but also stores some fun sub-pages--among which was this little gem.

A graphic which represents, oh, a fraction of what Chris has put together on his tribute page--a comprehensive collection of work that pays homage to the artistry and concept of Jack Kirby and (likely) George Klein from that very first FF issue. Have a look! You'll simply be delighted with what you'll find here.

Let's take a peek at two of the above pieces, and see that mega-monster really cut loose!


Colin Jones said...

Wow, so many versions !! Surely the Donald Trump one is inevitable :D

Anonymous said...

The one with Lucy Van Pelt made me laugh out loud!


Comicsfan said...

No doubt, Colin--all I can say is "how often art seems to imitate life." :)

M.P., I liked that one, too, though I would have thought Snoopy would have taken the form of the Red Baron!

johnlindwall said...

That page was mesmerizing! Too many cool covers. Some perplexing, others amazingly complex, some just nutty. Sooo good!

Comicsfan said...

John, it's indeed a fine collection, and I imagine it will grow even more.

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