Thursday, December 1, 2016

You Don't Look So Tough To Me

"You're good, kid, but as long as I'm around, you're only second best."
   -- Edward G. Robinson (as Lancey "The Man" Howard), The Cincinnati Kid

It turns out that the classic actor from Hollywood's Golden Age, Edward G. Robinson, had a few fans in the Marvel Bullpen, given the cameo appearances he's made in stories over the decades--some of them caricatures, others depicting the man himself. As we'll see, all of them represent his role as a gangster, a part he played frequently and certainly one which he excelled at. And if you're wondering what circumstances could possibly result in Mr. Robinson showing up in a comic book story--well, comic books are a fantasy/entertainment medium, after all. Suffice to say that, when Edward G. Robinson wants to make an entrance, all of the other characters had best make way for him.

From Iron Man #40, 1998 (along with several of his peers):
(pencils by John Romita Sr.)

From The Avengers #s 137-138:
(pencils by George Tuska)

From Tales To Astonish #38 (though not by name):
(pencils by Jack Kirby)

From Fantastic Four #s 91-92 (as Napoleon G. Robberson):
(pencils by Jack Kirby)

The examples above may or may not be a comprehensive collection of his Marvel appearances--but if you recall an appearance that wasn't among these others, do chime in with details! See?


JungGRT said...

Stan, Jack, and the other Bullpenners were probably fans of "Little Caesar"-here's a great clip:

Anonymous said...

"Nyaah! Your super-powers don't impress me, see? Get 'im, boys! Nyaah!"


Anonymous said...

...Wasn't Hammerhead kinda based on Edward G. Robinson?
Also, I love how the Thing is such a smart-ass to his Skrull captors.
"I didn't figger ta win no popularity contests in this dump!"
That's gotta be one of his best lines. He's handling his situation with a lot of panache. But then, this isn't his first dance at the cosmic rodeo.

Rob S said...

Hey, just flipping through and noticed something I hadn't before. That Beast head shot isn't Tuska. That's a Starlin insert inked by Coletta, right?

Comicsfan said...

Excellent eye, Rob, I believe you're right--though as I understand it, Starlin inked that panel, as well.