Monday, October 3, 2016

S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. Stark!

Tony Stark and Nick Fury go way back; in fact, it was Stark who once recommended Fury as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., while only recently, Iron Man has pulled Fury's butt out of the fire by dealing with some rogue SHIELD agents who almost caused an international incident. But when Stark examines newly acquired data from SHIELD's computers that might offer a clue as to what party or parties have been acquiring large shares of Stark International, Stark hits the roof when he discovers who the culprit is that's been trying to acquire a controlling interest in his company--and why.

Stark is understandably "fury-ous" at Fury and the man's underhandedness--but he knows that he can rest easy, due to S.I. stock owned by his friend and long-time employee, Edwin Jarvis, that tips the balance in Stark's favor, assuring that a legal takeover of S.I. can never be accomplished by attempting to acquire a majority of its shares.

In the meantime, life happens, and Stark goes through a great deal of stress in his personal and professional life--becoming drawn into the operations of industrialist and financier Justin Hammer, as well as facing up to his alcohol addiction and getting his life back on track. In the interim, Jarvis tenders his resignation, and is forced to sell his stock to a loan shark in order to help his mother. Fury gets wind of the sale and naturally swoops in to purchase the shares that will put him in the driver's seat of Stark International--and before you know it, Stark is forced to arrange a shareholders meeting to address the new direction of his company, attended by two men who once held each other in high esteem. It might as well be a chasm that separates them, rather than seating rows.


While Fury comes off as the cat that's eaten the canary, don't count out Tony Stark just yet. Because in his first business meeting with Stark, Fury is about to be schooled in the art of corporate outmaneuvering that will leave him feeling he's just been taken for a spin by Whirlwind.

Stark is too classy to take a victory lap after dropping a virtual safe on Fury's plans, of course--at least in front of Fury. But he can do so in private by reassuring his friends who are waiting for him that he's got his game on again--and afterward, by conveying his appreciation to his employees, whose loyalty has been there when he needed it.

(Let's not bother to point out to Stark that "international" is already part of SHIELD's name--these people have some celebrating to do!)

While the final kick in Fury's behind appropriately goes to Mrs. Arbogast:

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Warren JB said...

Brilliant stuff. Is it wrong to imagine Robert Downey Jr.s voice when I read this? It really comes across in his almost-deadpan way.

(And is it wrong to imagine Sam-Jackson-Fury getting his handed to him?)