Friday, November 27, 2015

Ritualism, Potions, and a Dash of Circuitry


Name This Marvel Villain??

Our mystery villain is actually a pretty nasty character, so it's surprising that he hasn't received more exposure in Marvel stories--especially when you consider how often Diablo has made the rounds in various issues and titles. But while both characters indeed specialize in the field of alchemy, the Demon-Druid also makes considerable use of technology (as well as hired lackeys), and has a fanatical devotion to the ways and history of (what else?) druidism.

Since we've already dealt with one other Demon Druid (sans hyphen), we'll shorten this one's moniker to simply "the Druid," since he almost always refers to himself as such. For nearly all of his appearances, the Druid has been obsessed with the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Nick Fury in particular--and, with the creation of (I'm not making this up) "the egg of Satan," he gave Fury and his agency a run for their money.

Eventually, though, it came down to a personal match between the Druid and Fury--and, thanks to garment alchemeically treated, the Druid was on the verge of triumph. But never underestimate the resolve of a former Howling Commando, I always say. Nor was the Druid's humiliation complete without a dressing-down from his cigar-chomping adversary.

The Druid would later have run-ins with Captain America--as well as a rival in the form of Dr. Druid, an opponent the Druid naturally had a particular loathing for. Thanks to a tactical error on Dr. Druid's part, his adversary was able to get the drop on him, and nearly came close to killing him in a gruesome sacrificial rite.

I'll spare you the gory details of Dr. Druid's all-too-bloody fate; suffice to say that the Druid completed his ritual and achieved the power he craved when he usurped the true power of the moonstone which had previously been responsible for transforming John Jameson into the Man-Wolf.

Would it sound really silly if I were to tell you that the Dr... er, Starwolf was defeated by the efforts of a collection of Marvel's stable of wolf-characters led by "Capwolf"--that is, Captain America, transformed into a werewolf? Chalk it up to a "looked good on paper, not-so-great in execution" concept from the House of Ideas.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember this guy. Subtlety was not his bag.
I recall he gad this goofy henchman called the Alchemoid ("The Assault of the Alchemoid!") whose main power was emitting a corrosive slime from his hide and bein' just plain pug-ugly.

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