Thursday, April 16, 2015

"This Is Worse Than The Track!"

Thanks to Kyle Richmond, a/k/a Nighthawk, even an Asgardian goddess can enroll at college:

Oh, Kyle. Better men than you have tried to part the bureaucracy waters and make the pathway toward signing up for classes a smooth one. Only Thornton Melon has ever succeeded--and he wouldn't have sent the Valkyrie into the educational lion's den without Lou at her side to "move some people."

Upon arriving, Val finds that Kyle's facilitator has passed away without his knowledge, and she finds herself immersed in the red tape Kyle thought would be so easily snipped. Add to that the fact that Val is clueless about most aspects of college that you and I would be familiar with going in:

Finally, Val begins the arduous process of registering for classes. Slowly navigating one endless line after another may be part of the college experience--but this frustrating day isn't what Val *ahem* signed up for.

We can reasonably assume that Kyle felt a cold shiver slice through him right about now. And if the Valkyrie gets her hands on her sword, he'll be feeling a lot more slicing when this day is over:

We can only hope Kyle doesn't greet this woman with, "Hey! How'd it go?"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite comics!
That Kraft!
I've been there.
I remember the endless lines, the paperwork, the snotty employees, trying to get into classes you needed, trying to make your class schedule work, the worrying, signing up for shit you didn't want to sign for, having to take Physics cause the easy math classes were filled up...
If I had had Asgardian super strength when I was trying to sign up for college classes, Ragnarok woulda started early, that's all Im gonna say...

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