Friday, March 20, 2015

Spectacular Spider-Knees

Ordinarily, any of us might have had the same reaction Al Milgrom had, when discovering that he'd been replaced as the artist on Spectacular Spider-Man on a whim:

Well, maybe not the same reaction. But we should keep in mind that this is happening during Assistant Editors' Month at Marvel, and such havoc is to be expected. In this case, while his boss is in California with the other editors, Bob DeNatale has decided to take a different approach with the art on this issue--but who will be his choice over Milgrom?

Yes, Fred Hembeck, the caricature artist known for adding curlicues to his characters' knees and elbows. Do we dare have a look at how he's going to draw an entire Spider-Man story?

For what it's worth, DeNatale seems pretty pleased with the result. (Though we can't say the same for Milgrom.)

While I wouldn't want a steady diet of Hembeck, he turns in some decent work on the issue. The story has Spidey and the Black Cat becoming more serious in their relationship--and despite the obvious adjustments Hembeck has made in their features and costumes (and certainly their anatomy), you'd be surprised at how well it reads from page to page:

The issue also features a battle with and a rather disgusting take on the Human Fly (a description which I think you'll be in full agreement with). It's a passable one-shot by Hembeck, and all in good fun during this particular month of issues.

Unfortunately, the regular editor on the book, Danny Fingeroth, had a different opinion of his assistant's call:

COMING UP NEXT in our look at

A few AEM odds 'n ends. Mostly odds.

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