Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For Odin! For Mrs. Fletcher!

During the publication of Mighty Thor, we've seen several examples of how Odin, the powerful ruler of Asgard, would at times choose to increase his stature to match whatever foe he was facing in battle. (I don't recall ever seeing him do so when battling Frost Giants--maybe he felt they were beneath him and didn't merit the honor. I can't pretend to know how the mind of an "all-father" works.) Odin often meets with success when meeting his foes in such a manner; at worst, he might face a stalemate, as he did with Surtur. Still, it's a rare day when Odin is crushed by his opponent, at whatever size he battles at.

But in the World's Greatest Comic Magazine series from 2001, Odin is indeed thus humbled--and by the only mortal foe who might dare challenge him:

The WGCM issues were created as a tribute to the Lee/Kirby FF, with a story that would have taken place between Fantastic Four #s 100 and 101. The twelve-issue story pulls out all the stops: Dr. Doom amasses might from several incredibly powerful sources (the Watcher's Ultimate Machine, the Helix of Randac, the Cosmic Cube, the Cosmic Control Rod of Annihilus, and, last but not least, Galactus), eventually returning to Earth as its Galactus-sized conqueror.

The FF have travelled to Asgard to enlist the aid of the Asgardians in meeting the threat--and when Doom contemptuously disposes of the attacking warriors, Odin decides to once again grow to the same height as his foe before angrily dealing with him.

It doesn't quite go as planned.

Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking.
Given his age, it's almost certain what Odin is likely to say next:

"I hath fallen and canst not get up!"

(Just watch how fast the Watcher jots that down for posterity.)

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