Saturday, November 22, 2014

And Coffee Tables Shall Tremble!

A very happy 74th birthday to Rascally Roy Thomas! It looks like Thomas has been busy this year, putting together this 720-page hardcover behemoth:

Containing essays by Thomas on Marvel's characters as well as on writers and artists of the Marvel Bullpen, 75 Years of Marvel from the Golden Age to the Silver Screen also includes 2,000 images and a 4-foot foldout timeline which spans from Marvel Comics #1 to today's Marvel films. It measures 11.4 inches x 15.6 inches (about the size of the New York Times coffee-table-size "Page One" hardcover, only thicker--and you thought it was going to be light reading), and will cost you a cool $200 to haul over to add to your bookshelf. (Amazon knocks off about $85 from the cover price, so be sure to look for deals out there--hopefully with free shipping.)

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