Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Far Cry From "Thwipp!"

As kids, we can probably remember shelling out our hard-earned allowance for just about anything that caught our eye. But I can at least report that I never followed through on this item:

Yes, this stuff is "just like spidey's!" Believe me, if that were the case, this puppy would have been flying off the shelves--followed by kids flying off rooftops, looking to web helpless other kids in the neighborhood. But no, this product seems to be a glorified tube of adhesive that, even at three bucks, probably didn't last all that long--and, disappointingly, didn't fire, but required you to mimic a real spider in making your web lines by moving the material from surface to surface.

At least you got the little Spidey play figures, to re-use as Christmas tree ornaments when the tube gave out.

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Colin Jones said...

July 1976 was the month I first saw proper imported U.S. Marvel comics (as opposed to the Marvel UK reprints) and 3 things immediately struck me: 1) They were IN COLOUR !!!! 2) Each comic was devoted to just one character or team 3) They were full of ads, ads and more ads, every two pages there were ads - did I mention there were ads ? By contrast Marvel UK comics had hardly any ads and the ones they did have were rather boring such as Kellogg's Frosties or Airfix models of World War 2 planes - no Spidey webbing.

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