Friday, February 21, 2014

This Is A Job For--The Vision!

It's not often that you see one of the most powerful Avengers skipping an important pre-battle meeting and instead deciding that the best use of his abilities at this critical time would be as an errand boy:

Though it's probably just as surprising to see Cap and Wanda completely forget that their state-of-the-art mansion comes complete with telephones, which could accomplish this mundane task not only more easily, but arguably swifter than even Quicksilver. But it seems the Vision is far more qualified than Jarvis to handle relaying a message; yet, how will one of the Avengers explain his role as messenger for "Luke Charles," a high school teacher?

The answer comes with the Vision's first use of his brand-new disguise!

And off he goes, while the rest of the Avengers attempt to learn the location of the missing Panther, a prisoner of foes they would later learn make up the group known as the Lethal Legion. Though once the Vision is out of earshot, Thor can't resist taking a parting shot behind his back:

And speaking of shots, Bessie Hotchkiss gets a shot to her poor heart when the owner of that chill voice announces himself:

As you can see, this matter required the personal attention of an Avenger. In disguise. I don't know, maybe it's a formidable high school. Though we can't say the same for Bessie:


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Bessie actually noticed the Vision was wearing a mask as usually in comics nobody does notice. The first Spider Man story I ever read (as a UK reprint) was the Kingpin vs. the Schemer where the Schemer was revealed to be the Kingpin's son wearing a mask but it seems nobody had noticed his face was made of rubber. And who is Thor to complain about anybody's voice - verily that pseudo-Shakespearean dialogue doth annoyeth me whenever I dost hear it.

Comicsfan said...

That's a good point about the Schemer, Colin, especially considering that his own family didn't see through the deception. As for his hired hoods, he did keep that office of his pretty dimly lit, so perhaps they just thought this guy had a few wrinkles. :)