Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Fall Guy!


Name This Marvel Villain??

Hired by the man known as Crime-Wave to eliminate the interference of Daredevil, a little-known ex-Hollywood stuntman named George Smith, grasping at straws, saw an opportunity to raise his profile and become famous at last (while making "a cool grand" on the side). And so, with his customized motorcycle, complete with rocket jets, the Stunt-Master makes his debut--and his target is the Man Without Fear!

And it looks like the Stunt-Master will have a clear shot at Daredevil, who will be out in the open and have his guard down as a participant in a parade for the United Way Fund. Unknown to the crowd, DD is making his farewell appearance, having resolved to give up his costumed identity so that he can marry Karen Page, who's recently learned Matt Murdock's secret and is adamant about wanting her betrothed to stop risking his life and get out of the crime-fighting business. But when the Stunt-Master tackles him, he has no choice but to respond.

As you might have guessed, the Stunt-Master's main advantage lies in the mobility and maneuverability his 'cycle provides him--ergo, dismounting him would almost surely lead to his defeat. It's been said that the Stunt-Master's popularity led to the creation of the Ghost Rider--and if so, the addition of a supernatural element to that character would make sense, as far as compensating for what the Stunt-Master lacks as far as being able to hold his own when his wheels are taken out of the picture. We can also assume that Smith's age plays a part in his defeat by DD, since for a stuntman he doesn't seem very adept at handling a fall.

Yet don't feel too badly for Mr. Smith, at least at first. After he gets out of jail on a technicality, he's conscripted by a group of thieves to pull a heist but, caught again by Daredevil, decides to thrown in with DD and help to capture the bad guys. And with DD's cooperation and support, the resulting news coverage gives Smith all the publicity he could wish for, and he begins a lucrative career as the star of his own television show. Yet in the end, he didn't exactly go out on a high note, aging and bemoaning the loss of his fame and once again attempting to use Daredevil to change his fortunes. Eventually his ruse was revealed, and the Stunt-Master was finally headed to jail for good.

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