Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This Is A Job For (Who Else?) The Daleks


Name This Marvel Villain??

If you can't quite nail down the name of our mystery villain, yet still feel the urge to reach for a can of Raid, you're in the general neighborhood of his identity. Created by the Kree to track down and deliver vengeance to the Inhumans for their interference in their affairs (and in particular, their plans for Earth), the Pursuer is a hologram given substance, as one of the Kree explains:

I suppose you could call the Kree device that created the Pursuer a far more advanced version of 3D printing, eh? Still, all of this advanced science, yet the object that hurtles toward Earth is still vulnerable to the whims of chance in terms of what its form will be composed of upon arrival. It would serve the Kree right if the Pursuer because a being of, for instance, whipped cream or pizza dough. As it is, and perhaps fittingly, the Pursuer ends up taking its form from one of Earth's most repulsive and reviled creatures:

And when the Pursuer's tracking sensors have led him to his prey, the battle with the Inhumans is on!

And though Black Bolt is about as tough a customer as they come, even he has his hands full with the Pursuer:

With the Inhumans helpless, their Kree friend, Falzon, makes a desperate attempt to stop the Pursuer with what he hopes will be an effective weapon. It turns out that he may have indeed found the one weapon which, short of a descending shoe, will put the Pursuer out of commission:

(Gorgon may still want to stomp on this pest, just for good measure.)

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