Friday, July 25, 2014

The Deadly Attack of--The Wolverine!

Let's face it--nobody can make his own name resonate in an opponent's head like Wolverine.

But remember the days when Wolverine used to attach an article to his name for good measure? Heaven knows Wolverine's reputation preceded him--but when you saw "the Wolverine" coming at his victim, it gave his attack that little extra jolt of terror, didn't it?

So let's take a moment to remember when the Wolverine, rather than just "Wolverine," was making his name felt in the Marvel universe.

I think the article was jettisoned just before John Byrne came aboard Uncanny X-Men:

(Or is that the Uncanny X-Men?)


Anonymous said...

These days I think THE Wolverine or THE Batman sounds pretentious. Another interesting post from Peerless Power of Comics - oops, I mean THE Peerless Power of Comics :)

Anonymous said...

Long story short (too late) I have the opportunity this week to read my What If Wolverine Battled Conan The Barbarian. So, right in the title, no "The". In the first half of the story, Wolverine, again no "The", drops his "best there is" line three THREE different times.

Unfortunately, I also read all six of my Avengers Unplugged and Fantastic Four Unplugged, assorted Fantastic Four Unlimited, Marvel Age... OMG, is mid-90s Marvel the wine cooler of stories?

The (eat your heart out Wolverine) Prowler (was originally going to be The Creeper).