Wednesday, February 5, 2014

You Have Feelings For Me


Name This Marvel Villain??

When Peter Parker moves in with his old high school nemesis, Flash Thompson, in Flash's apartment in Far Rockaway, a busybody neighbor is also unfortunately part of the deal:

Yes, the Mindworm, a mutant whose mental powers steadily and aggressively stole the life from his mother and forced his father into a fatal accident. Adulthood hasn't changed the Mindworm for the better, as he regularly "feeds" on the emotions of people he entrances. And that's where the "busybody" part comes in, because is he ever busy with bodies:

Peter's emotions seem to be more intense than anything the Mindworm has ever encountered before, which you'd think would be a buffet for the guy. But he can't seem to decide whether to feed on Peter, or destroy him:

As a result, quite the odd battle unfolds, with the Mindworm making an all-out effort to mentally subdue Spidey:

But the Mindworm isn't known for his tolerance of people he regards as in his way, and so finally he makes his decision about Spider-Man. But in the struggle, Spidey finds the Mindworm's Achilles' heel:

The police arrive and take custody of the Mindworm, with his "sleepwalkers" wandering off back to bed. (No, I don't know who sleepwalks through three police helicopters descending from overhead, either.) Only Peter and Flash remain to see the Mindworm throw a tantrum of helplessness at being deprived of the steady diet of emotion he's become addicted to. In a later tale, the Mindworm would end up having a positive experience with Spider-Man and become more responsible with his power, though regrettably he would go on to a pitiful end.

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