Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Landsakes! It's The Debut of... of...

We all know how doting Aunt May can be where her nephew, Peter, is concerned:

But on this day, when Peter is attending a field trip to a science exhibit with his high school class, fate will get its wires crossed, and Peter Parker will leave the exhibit not only sated with a nourishing bag lunch, but all too normal in every way.

As for his Aunt May, well... Hoo boy.

Call it destiny--call it dumb luck--call it being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some, however, would probably call it a case of a few of the Marvel staff staying up a little too late and doing a few shots before meeting a deadline:

Whatever has happened here, there's no stopping it now. And May proceeds to discover her new abilities in much the same way Peter had:

It doesn't take long before the same light bulb in the shape of a dollar sign appears over May's head. And before you know it, the Marvel universe has a new costumed celebrity!

But fate has other plans for May Parker--and when the Leap-Frog appears on the scene and starts committing robberies, May holsters her new weapon and leaps into action as... as...

Well, we don't yet know what name she'll choose to call herself. That's probably a good thing. "Spider-Granny" wouldn't exactly have criminals quaking at her approach.

Finally, though, May locates her prey, and makes her senses-shattering debut!

The Leap-Frog is not impressed.

Unfortunately, Peter has appeared to witness the fight--and so, fearful of her nephew's well-being (what else is new?), May gets serious with the Leap-Frog.

Man, the old gal has some moves in her, doesn't she! Though it's all been too much for a certain high-strung nephew who fears that he's next on her list. But May thinks fast:

May is understandably torn between her new vocation and the thought of being neglectful of her nephew, so we'll have to wait and see whether she stocks up on sewing thread for swinging around New York to fight crime--or use it for actual sewing. But something tells me we haven't seen the last of...


Look, I think we struck gold the first time: SPIDER-GRANNY.

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